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  • 1 - Product & Content Quality Standards
  • 2 - What does family-friendly mean?
  • 3 - Best Practices for Providing Complete Product Details
  • 4 - Product Acceptance Criteria
  • 5 - About Distribution Partners
  • 6 - Ranking & Sort Overview
  • 7 - Product Quality Suspension Policy

Supplier Support Documents

1 - Product & Content Quality Standards

Last updated March 29th at 11.00AM

We're reshaping our business to offer clients exceptional tour and experience options, with tabl being the go-to marketplace for top-notch experiences.

To enhance the quality of our marketplace, we've implemented product quality standards. These standards focus on ensuring that your product listings provide accurate and up-to-date information, as well as a smooth booking process for clients.

These standards serve as benchmarks for delivering a fantastic customer experience throughout the entire purchase journey, from discovery and planning to booking and post-experience review.

By adhering to these standards, your product is set up for success on our site right from the beginning. Alongside meeting our quality standards, your products must also meet our product acceptance criteria. We recommend reviewing our complete Product Standards before submitting a product to be listed on tabl.

Product Quality Level

Products are required to meet and maintain a Good quality level to be published and remain active. Products that meet our Excellent quality level are optimized for best performance and are rewarded with a verified by tabl. badge. To see personalized tips for how to move your product to the next Quality Level, see below a table of criteria:

Supplier Support Documents 1

1 - Has Future Availability

There must be at least one bookable future date in the Pricing & Availbility under Prices & Availbility section for your product. Future dates cannot be marked as unavailable through the Availability section. 

2 - Has complete product details

Products should be polished, detailed, and attractive to clients. In the Supplier HUB, your product must have all of the following data fields completed:

Product Content

What you will do: all required fields, including an original description which provides details about the essential nature of the experience in family-friendly terms

  • Meeting & pickup: all required fields
  • Start Times: timing of your experience must be included
  • Group size: all required fields
  • Highlights: all required fields
  • Itinerary: all required fields
  • Inclusions & Exclusions: at least 1 for each
  • Guides and languages: all required fields
  • Categories: all required fields
  • Cancellation Policy: all required fields
  • Notes & information clients need from you: all required fields
  • Tripadvisor Listing: a valid business listing that shares the same location with the product
  • Availability & prices: all required fields

* Products must meet and maintain all criteria to remain active Read our recommendations for providing Best practices for product content details.

3 - Number of quality photos

Each product must feature a minimum of two high-quality, professional, and relevant photos suitable for families. We prioritize images depicting real clients enjoying the experience. We do not accept blurry, stock, or unrelated photos, nor do we allow obscene or unauthorized images.

4 - Average Star Rating

Products an overall average rating of 4.5 stars or higher from client reviews will be considered for tabl’s “Verified by tabl’s Badge”.

5 - Content meeting tabl’s standard of excellence

Your product must meet with content standards of tabl.  See Best practices for Product Content Suppliers document

6 - Instantly confirmable

Your product needs to be connected to a reservation system or have confirmation method in the Booking Process.

7 - Has Standard Cancellation Policy When filling out the Cancellation Policy section under Booking Details for your product, please choose the "Standard" option for "Select your cancellation policy." Alternatively, you can add your own policy options.

Integrity of Product

Your product content must accurately represent what is included in the price and the type of experience clients can expect. This includes:

  • Providing a suggested retail price that truthfully reflects the product cost and offers fair value for the experience provided. Free or pay-what-you-want products will not be accepted or the manipulating prices.
  • Ensuring that the language used in your product content matches the Input Language selected during product creation. Products with titles, descriptions, or other sections predominantly written in a different language may be rejected.

Misleading clients in any way is not permitted. This includes: Not requesting additional direct payment for goods or services promised in the product description already purchased by the client.

Post-Sale Operational Standards

After a booking is confirmed, operators should strive to avoid changing or rejecting it. If changes or cancellations are necessary, operators must notify the client promptly. Cancellations should be rare and typically only occur due to weather, safety concerns, or unforeseen circumstances.

Operators should address booking-related customer service concerns promptly. Failure to do so may result in the product being removed from points of sale. These concerns include but are not limited to:

  • Cancelling over 15% of total bookings within a 90-day period.
  • Cancelling five or more bookings within 48 hours of travel over a 90-day period.
  • Receiving three or more complaints about being unresponsive to client communication within a 90-day period.

Failing to pick up a client with a valid booking without prior notification three times within a 90-day period.

Courtesy to Clients and Community

Operator staff are required to treat clients with respect at all times. Any disrespectful communication or conduct towards clients by operators, whether it occurs during, before, or after the booking, will result in removal from points of sale.

Disrespectful behaviors, which include but are not limited to the following, may lead to removal from points of sale, regardless of whether the behavior occurs in person or via telecommunication:

  • Harassment or exclusionary behavior
  • Threats of violence
  • Sexually explicit, racially inappropriate, or otherwise discriminatory language, jokes, or insults
  • Sexually explicit comments or unwanted sexual attention

Non-Discrimination to clients and community

Each operator must refrain from discriminating against individuals based on race, colour, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. Operators must comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination on these or other characteristics.

Prohibited behaviors include:

  • Creating different standards, experiences, or terms for clients.
  • Rejecting, canceling, or shortening a reservation or experience.
  • Refusing availability of an experience.
  • Providing facilities or services to only certain customers.
  • Denying access or intentionally steering customers to certain areas.
  • Engaging in or allowing acts likely to offend, insult, humiliate, or intimidate.

Posting, emailing, approving for posting, or otherwise communicating any content, whether in a product listing or otherwise, that includes anything that states a discriminatory preference.

Major Incidents

tabl reserves the right to remove products from points of sale at any time due to significant incidents during operation, including but not limited to:

  • Reports of unsafe operation by participants.
  • Citations or investigations by regulatory authorities for illegal operation of the product.

Commission of a crime by an operator or employee of an operator towards a client or other person during the provision of an experience.

2 - What does family-friendly mean?

Last updated on March 24, 2024 at 11.00 AM

All content on Tabl must adhere to family-friendly standards. Here are some guidelines to follow:Avoid objectionable language or images, including:

  • Avoid objectionable language or images, including:
  1. Profanity
  2. Obscenity or vulgarity
  3. Racial/ethnic slurs
  4. Hate speech or prejudiced comments
  5. Personal insults
  6. Hostile comments and threatening language
  • Graphic descriptions of death, injury, violent criminal activity, or animal cruelty are not permitted.
  • Standard curse words are prohibited.
  • Reviews and posts promoting or seeking advice on engaging in illegal activities will be removed.

Please ensure that all content posted on tabl. aligns with these guidelines to maintain a family-friendly environment for all users.

3 - Best Practices for Providing Complete Product Details

Last updated on March 29, 2024 at 08.30 AM

We've set high standards to make sure our clients get the best experiences possible. To keep up with these standards, it's really important that you give us detailed and accurate information about each thing you offer, and also meet other quality requirements. We've included guidelines for each part of your product to help you understand how providing this information can make your product even better.

Product Content

All of the sections listed below are on the Product Content page of your product. To make updates to your product for the following sections, log in to your supplier HUB account and go to the My Product page and here you can select the product you’d like to edit, select Update and edit your product in the Managing Your Product page. 

What you will do

Requirement: Write a unique description (at least 100 characters long) explaining what clients will encounter and enjoy during your experience. Include any details that will help promote your product. Avoid including any company contact details as they will be edited out.

Why is this necessary? This description is typically one of the initial things clients will see about your experience. It helps your product grab attention and gives clients an understanding of what they can anticipate from your experience.


Requirement: List between three and six key selling points or highlights that would appeal to clients interested in the experience. What makes this experience worth purchasing?

Why is this necessary? This enables clients to make well-informed decisions and offers a brief overview of why this product is exceptional. It facilitates the easy and concise display of your product and aids in its promotion and sale.


Why provide an Itinerary?

When developing a new product, we request that you formulate a structured itinerary detailing all points of interest that a client will encounter, see, or engage in throughout their experience.

This practice enables clients to gain a clearer understanding of the activities involved in your experience, empowering them to make more informed booking decisions. Please ensure to include essential details such as the duration of the tour, group size, start time, and meeting point if applicable.

Requirement: Furnish a comprehensive itinerary, outlining the points of interest, the duration allocated to each, and the activities clients can anticipate throughout the experience. Refer to our detailed instructions for guidance on completing this section.

Why is this important? Offering a detailed itinerary enables clients to gain a clear understanding of the sights and activities involved in your experience. Providing specific start times reduces uncertainty for clients, facilitating better planning of their day.

What’s included

RequirementMust include at least two Inclusions.

Why is this important? Clients want to clearly and easily understand what they will receive for the price of your experience. Please include extra things such as mobility access, free hotel pick up etc.

What’s excluded

RequirementMust include at least one exclusion.

Why is this important? Clients want to clearly and easily understand what is excluded.  Please include things such as tips, mobility if not available etc.

Meeting Points

RequirementProvide clear address and if hotel pick up / drop off is included at various hotels and meeting points

Why is this important? Clients want to clearly and easily understand if the pick up / drop off and meeting points are easily accessible to them


RequirementProvide clear any further information that you feel is important for you to convey to your client to ensure an enjoyable experience

Why is this important? Clients want to clearly and easily understand what they will receive for their experience and any extra relevant information.

Important information

Requirement: Provide clear information that you feel a client should know.  This could include such things as:

  • Alcohol restrictions
  • Special dietary requirements or allergies
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • The tour will commence promptly at 9 am. Please be aware that refunds will not be possible in such instances
  • If special clothing is required etc

Why is this important? Clients need to clearly and easily understand certain stipulations and / or requirements for the experience

Cancellation Policy

RequirementProvide a clear statement of your cancellation policy – this is a mandatory requirement.

Why is this important? Clients need to clearly and easily understand the cancellation policy before booking their experience.  The cancellation policy will be shown at check out and on product pages.

Guides & languages

RequirementIf your experience includes a guide, you must include which language(s) are offered.  This could include drivers who are certified guides. Some guides may be provided at the venue by the tour / experience provider and not you the supplier

Why is this important? Clients are often looking for experiences in their native language.

Availability & prices

To make updates to your product for prices and availbility, log in to your Supplier’s HUB account and go to My Product page, select the product you’d like to edit, select Update and edit your product in the Managing Your Product page. Select the field Prices and/or Availbility to edit and save.


RequirementMust be available for at least one date in the future that is not made unavailable. We recommend having at least 6 months of availability.

Why is this important? Without future dates, clients cannot book your experience.


Ensure you only submit photos that you either own or have obtained authorized permission or licensing to use.

Requirement: Provide a minimum of 2 clear, relevant photos. We highly recommend having at least 6 photos.  Seasonal images can also be used / edited

Why is this important? Photos are the first impression clients have of your experience, and gives them an idea of what to expect.

Image Guidelines

All images should be of a high resolution at the following sizes - do not exceed file size 20mb

  • Destination Image Size 1030 x 360 px
  • Product Image Size 1025 x 497 px
  • Product Gallery Image Size 1025 x 497 px
  • Restaurant Header Image Size 1030 x 500 px
  • Restaurant Gallery Image Size 1025 x 497 px


  • Opt for photos that depict the activity, environment, or individuals enjoying the tour
  • Choose vibrant, well-lit, and sharply focused colour photos.
  • Prioritize horizontal (landscape) orientation for your photos.


  • Avoid using photos sourced from Google or other search engines; you must have personal ownership or authorized permission for any uploaded photos.
  • Refrain from using blurry or poorly cropped images.
  • Do not include your company name, logo, contact details, or any other text in the photos, except in cases of show logos and names where exceptions may apply.
  • Steer clear of using cartoon, drawing images, or collages.
  • Avoid black-and-white images.
  • Do not use "2-for-1" photos (two different images merged into one) as they may not render well when cropped for thumbnails and other uses.

Categories & Themes

Requirement: Select one category / theme that accurately describes your experience.

Why is this important? This helps us display your product to clients interested in experiences like yours.

Tripadvisor Listing

Requirement: tabl recommends that you share all Tripadvisor Listing for each and every one of your products. Why is this important? Completing this section connects your product to your business listing, which allows clients to see all of your star ratings on tabl’s website.

4 - Product Acceptance Criteria

Last updated on March 20, 2023 at 9:21 AM

Our Product Acceptance Criteria establish the types of tours, activities, and experiences eligible for listing on tabl, along with the safety, ethical, and legal standards all products must adhere to. To ensure clients have access to the finest experiences in a destination, all products listed on our platform must meet these criteria. Consider these criteria as fundamental requirements for what we permit (and do not permit) on tabl.

We strongly recommend reviewing our Product Acceptance Criteria before submitting a product for listing. Please note that the cost incurred in creating a new product will not be refunded if the product is rejected or removed from points of sale by tabl, and existing bookings may be canceled.

In addition to meeting the Product Acceptance Criteria, all new products must also adhere to our quality standards to be listed. Our quality standards focus on the accuracy and completeness of your product listing, ensuring clients receive precise information and a seamless booking experience. You can find more information about our quality standards here.

Product Acceptance Standards

We require that products listed on tabl represent experiences that clients would genuinely enjoy. Experiences are categorized into four types: tours, experiences, restaurants, and guided transportation. Products that do not fall into one of these categories or are unsuitable for clients, or are unrelated to recreational travel, such as landscaping, accounting, or pet care, may not be suitable for listing on tabl.

Please note: We reserve the right to reject product submissions that do not meet these standards and remove those that are non-compliant.


These are guided explorations where clients typically participate as observers, though some may involve more direct involvement such as food and drink sampling. Tour products must adhere to the basic definition of a guided exploration to be accepted.


Clients directly participate in activities like classes, wine and food tastings, and team building products. Activities must offer options suitable for short-term visitors to be accepted.

Meets minimum commission rate

All products listed on tabl must meet the minimum commission rate requirement (20%) for their destination and category. For new products, the commission rate will automatically default to the minimum requirement based on the product's destination and category. Products that do not meet this minimum commission rate may be removed from points of sale.

Safety, Ethical, and Legal Standards

Products listed on tabl must ensure the safety and well-being of clients, animals, and any companies affiliated with the tabl group. This means that products should not pose any risk to clients, animals, or tabl group companies.

Legal Compliance

Products listed on tabl must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including those specific to your region. Operators are responsible for maintaining valid certifications and licensing required by law to operate their business. tabl reserves the right to reject or remove products that are found to be operating illegally due to applicable laws or regulations. Products that do not comply with United Kingdom laws and policies will be removed.

Ethical Compliance

Products listed on tabl must align with our values regarding animal welfare and family friendliness, as well as be appropriate for a modern global audience. We aim to maintain a high standard of taste and ensure that our platform remains family-friendly.

The following types of products, along with any others deemed to be in poor taste or that violate the spirit of our family-friendly guidelines, will be rejected or removed from points of sale.

Safety Compliance

Before commencing any activities, operators must disclose all risks and potential hazards of the product to participants upfront. Additionally, operators must ensure that clients sign appropriate acknowledgements and releases if required. Operator staff must possess the necessary training, licenses, certifications, skills, and experience required to perform their roles. tabl reserves the right to reject or remove any products from points of sale if they do not meet the following requirements:

  • Products with client participation:
    • The operator must remove participants whose judgment may be dangerously impaired by drugs or alcohol.
    • Product operation must take place in a location that is suitable and safe for its intended purpose.
    • Equipment used must be in good condition and suitable for safe use.
    • Participants must be informed upfront about any inherent risks associated with the product, and if applicable, relevant safety procedures.
  • Products held in venues such as indoor spaces:
    • The operator must maintain valid general liability insurance covering the operation of the venue.
    • Utility equipment and onsite firefighting equipment must be kept in good working order.
    • Accessibility for disabled persons must be provided in accordance with local laws
  • Products involving motor vehicles:
    • Valid insurance must be maintained for each vehicle, covering both the operator and clients.
    • Each vehicle must be properly maintained to ensure safe operation and pass any relevant safety inspections.
    • Operators and clients must refrain from using mobile devices while the vehicle is in operation. Operators must not be impaired by drugs or alcohol while operating a vehicle.
    • Capacity limits for vehicles must be enforced.
    • Seat belts must be integral, installed as per the manufacturer’s fitment using reinforced or load-spreading mounting points, and must be in good condition and fully operational.

Products must be operated in a manner that guarantees client safety.

5 - About Distribution Partners

Last updated on March 25, 2024 at 10:16 AM

Clients can discover tabl products through various channels such as social media, Google search,, and our partners and affiliates. By listing your products on our platform, you gain a centralized hub to manage your bookings, products, and account, while also tapping into multiple channels for bookings.

Your products can be sold by:

  • Over 100,000 travel agents who recommend your product to their clients.
  • Thousands of content sites, hotels, bloggers, financial institutions, and influencers that promote your products to their audience.
  • More than 1,000 network affiliate partners, including content creators or loyalty/discount sites.
  • Hundreds of merchant partners, including some of the world's leading e-commerce sites.

Please note that bookings made through partners may not include client phone numbers, but you can always use the Supplier HUB to contact clients or reach out to customer service for assistance.

Regardless of where bookings are made, you will be paid based on the amount specified on your product at the time of booking. The product information displayed on our partners' websites is derived from the information provided in the tabl Supplier HUB. To ensure accuracy, we recommend verifying all tour details are up-to-date in the Supplier HUB. You can update your product by following the steps outlined in the Supplier HUB. When a product is updated in the Supplier HUB, the information will automatically reflect on the partner's site. Please be aware that it may take up to 48 hours for changes to go live on our partner sites.

6 - Ranking & Sort Overview

Last updated on March 22nd, 2022 at 11:16 AM

Understanding how Ranking and Sort work on tabl 

When a client searches for an experience on tabl, the logic defining which products they see first is carefully crafted to ensure they find the right tours for them. tabl prioritizes helping clients discover the best selection of activities, and to achieve this, we have a dedicated team of data scientists continuously working on optimizing how experiences are presented.

On our website, clients can explore Food and Drink tours and experiences in various ways. Different lists and shelves display experiences, each tailored with specific logic designed to meet clients’ needs. In this article, we'll provide insights into our sorting, display, and ranking logic, and share what suppliers can do to enhance their discoverability and attract more clients eager to book their trip.

We'll explain the significant factors influencing how experiences are showcased to our clients, helping suppliers understand how to make their offerings more visible and appealing to potential clients.

The purpose of a ranking system

Our ranking system determines how experiences are ordered and compared to one another, resulting in the display of Food and Drink tours and experiences products in a sorted list. We aim for this ranking system to enable suppliers to compete fairly and attract the right guests, while also making it easier for clients to discover products that best meet their needs.

To facilitate discovery, excitement, and bookings, we've developed a sophisticated ranking approach. This approach combines clients’ search intent with insights gathered from millions of weekly visitors to our website. By leveraging this data, we strive to present clients with the most relevant and engaging experiences tailored to their preferences and interests.

tabl’s approach to ranking

Our ranking strategy encompasses various models tailored for different use cases and continually evolves over time. We continuously refine it based on client feedback, needs, and search patterns. Testing is a vital part of our process to validate ranking performance and assess the impact of new iterations. Our approach relies on advanced data science and machine learning algorithms, making the rankings smarter, more sophisticated, tailored, robust, and seasonal.

In our ranking approach, the position of a Food and Drink tours and experiences product in a list or display is determined by how it compares to similar products. Our ranking system is built on three key pillars, each considering various factors outlined below:

Relevancy match 

The "Relevancy match" factor in our ranking system assesses how well your product aligns with a client's search. It evaluates the degree to which your product meets the criteria specified by the client's search query. This includes factors such as how closely your product matches the keywords used in the search, the relevance of your product's attributes to the client's preferences, and the historical engagement and interaction data of clients with similar products. The higher the relevancy match, the more likely your product will be prominently displayed to clients searching for similar experiences.

  • Keywords matching: How well the product matches the client's search terms.
  • Product attributes: Relevance of product features and details to the client's preferences.
  • Customer behavior: Historical engagement and interaction data from clients.

Product competitiveness

The "Product competitiveness compared to others" factor in our ranking system evaluates how your product stacks up against similar offerings. It considers various aspects such as pricing, quality, uniqueness, and popularity compared to competing products in the same category. A highly competitive product is one that stands out positively in these areas, making it more likely to be displayed prominently to potential clients. Factors like competitive pricing, exceptional quality, distinctive features, and positive customer reviews can contribute to your product's competitiveness and its ranking in our system.

  • Reviews and ratings: The overall feedback and satisfaction of clients who have experienced the product.
  • Product accuracy: How well the product listing represents the actual experience.
  • Compliance with standards: Adherence to safety, ethical, and legal standards.

Product popularity

The "Product popularity among our site users" factor in our ranking system measures the level of interest and engagement your product receives from visitors to our site. This includes metrics such as the number of views, clicks, and bookings your product generates over a certain period. Products with higher popularity among our site users are more likely to be displayed prominently in search results and featured lists, increasing their visibility and attracting more potential clients. Positive reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and social media shares can also contribute to your product's popularity and its ranking on our platform.

  • Booking frequency: The popularity and demand for the product among clients.
  • Conversion rates: The effectiveness of the product in converting views into bookings.
  • Seasonality: Adjustments for varying demand and preferences based on time of year.

Factors to focus on

To improve your product's position in a sorted list, focus on enhancing its attractiveness in a competitive landscape. Here are some key points to review and prioritize:

  • Imagery: Ensure you have both quantity and quality of photos to excite clients and help them visualize your experience. Aim for clear, professional, relevant, and family-friendly photos. While a minimum of 2 photos is required, having at least 6 photos is highly recommended.
  • Description: Craft a compelling and standout product description that gives clients a clear idea of what to expect. The description should be at least 100 characters long and detail what clients will see and do during the experience.
  • Price: Offer competitive rates to make your product stand out. Ensure the suggested retail price reflects the product cost honestly and offers fair value for the experience provided. Review and adjust your net rate if necessary.
  • Availability: Keep your product's availability up to date by removing dates that are sold out or unable to be operated. Provide details on how often the tour runs, at what times, whether it offers multiple language options, and the age bands it's available for.
  • Cancellation Policy: Utilize the standard cancellation policy for the best client experience. This policy typically provides a 100% refund for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance and no refund for cancellations made within 24 hours of the experience start time.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Encourage positive reviews and ratings by providing a memorable experience and excellent customer service. Encourage customers to share their feedback at the end of the tour to attract more clients. The recency of reviews is also important, so aim to consistently receive new reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Categorization and Theme: Ensure that your product is categorized correctly to accurately reflect its type and theme. Categories and themes are used to distribute products on our site so that clients interested in experiences similar to yours can easily find them. Review and update your product's category and theme as needed to maximize visibility and relevance.
  • Locations Visited: Provide accurate details about the locations visited during your experience. This information helps clients make informed decisions about booking your experience by giving them insight into where they will be going and what they will be seeing. Be thorough and precise in describing the locations visited to enhance the attractiveness and clarity of your product.

7 - Product Quality Suspension Policy

Last updated on March 20th, 2024 at 6:34 PM

The tabl Product Quality Suspension program aims at encouraging you to maintain an excellent client experience by driving down your cancellation rate.

How does the Product Quality Suspension work?

You'll receive a notification if your cancellation rate hits 5% and falls to "Needs Improvement," along with tips for enhancement. Following notification, you'll have an extra 90 days to restore your cancellation rate to "Good" or "Excellent." Your product will remain available on tabl during this period, allowing clients to continue booking. We strongly urge you to work on improving your cancellation rate to prevent deactivation from Viator.

Failure to make improvements may result in your product being suspended if the cancellation rate remains above 5% after the 90-day period, leading to its removal from Tabl and partner sites.

What is the cancellation rate? 

The cancellation rate refers to the percentage of bookings canceled by you or at your request, without a valid reason, within the last 90 days.  Valid reasons for cancellations that do not contribute to your cancellation rate include:

  • Weather-related issues
  • Significant global events or force majeure
  • Cancellations requested by the client themselves

What are the acceptable product cancellation rates?

Please refer to the table below:

Supplier Support Documents 2

What happens if your product gets suspended? 

If your product is suspended, your listing will be removed from tabl and partner sites and clients won’t be able to book your product any more.  Contact our supplier support immediately via email on [email protected]

Important: Any existing bookings for this product can be managed as normal

Tips for improving your cancellation rate

The most effective way to prevent your product from being suspended is to minimize the need for cancellations altogether. We offer a range of resources to assist you in avoiding disappointing clients and potentially harming your business:

  • Double-check your product settings to ensure they meet your satisfaction and that you have all necessary resources in place to deliver your experience. For instance, if your tour requires a minimum number of participants, ensure this is specified in your settings.
  • High cancellation rates are often attributed to availability issues. Reviewing and managing your product's availability is crucial for maintaining a good or excellent rating. Make adjustments as needed to optimize availability.
  • Consider using a reservation system to streamline bookings and display real-time availability. This enables clients to make last-minute bookings and bookings while in-destination, enhancing convenience and reducing the likelihood of cancellations.

Monitor your cancellation rate regularly to ensure it remains as low as possible at all times. Keeping track of this metric allows you to identify and address any potential issues promptly.

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