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It's a cliche, we know, but also a fundamental question: do you eat to live, or live to eat?

You'll know the answer, and as you have alighted on this web site, it's almost certainly the latter; which is why you're here, a genial place where you are amongst your own kind, and with friends.

Break away from the mundane

Many people are happy to travel long distances in order to sample new and amazing cuisine, whether authentic local dishes or Michelin star. An essential part of travel has always been about breaking away from our own mundane cuisines, and taking our taste buds on an adventure to explore new cuisine. And tabl. is here to help you find them.

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Real food for real people

This site is run by people, for people who are passionate about Food Tourism, people who know that there is a whole world of great food out there. And tabl. is going to make sure that you locate it.

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Explore the world's tabl

tabl. is for people like us. It's for people who are obsessive about food and drink, but who until now had no single website on which they could alight. tabl. is a place where you can be with like-minded friends, where you can find all of the world's best food and drink experiences, whether at home, or travelling around the world.

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Taste it all

tabl. is a marketplace that has been built for people who have a passion for food and drink. Here you can choose food and drink tours, cooking classes, wine tours, brewery and distillery tours, vegan and vegetarian tours and experiences with celebrity chefs from all around the world.

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People you can trust

tabl. is a truly independent, transparent marketplace that does not favour or promote any experience, and that offers real-time articles and videos for each experience and destination, to keep you up to date. We can trust tabl. and trust is surely the best accolade one can give to any Food & Drink Website.

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Explore a world of flavours

Carefully curated guides, reviews and inspiration by our team of food travellers and critics.

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