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Instantly Golden Turmeric & Cacao Latte

150 grams

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INSTANTLY GOLDEN CACAO is an organic vegan turmeric latte blend made with the finest organic turmeric blended with raw cacao and vanilla. This smooth, healing drink is the perfect way to get your daily turmeric fix.

INSTANTLY GOLDEN CACAO is specifically designed to increase the bioavailability of turmeric, we add black pepper and coconut milk powder to ensure each sip releases turmeric's maximum potential. Enjoy at any time of the day!

Dairy free
Nothing artificial

Made with

Organic coconut milk powder (organic coconut milk, (98%), organic tapioca maltodextrin (1%), organic acacia fibre (1%)), organic turmeric, organic raw cacao, 0rganic vanilla, organic black pepper.

*All Ingredients are certified organic.

Allergy Information

Contains no known allergens.

Storage / use by instructions

Store in a cool dry place.

Serving Recommendation

Instructions: Add one tablespoon of INSTANTLY GOLDEN CACAO to a cup and form a smooth paste with a little hot water. Then fill your cup with hot milk/mylk. (Optional: add your choice of sweetener). Tips: Add organic coconut blossom sugar to INSTANTLY GOLDEN CACAO as a natural sweetener or add to your porridge, smoothie or pancakes.

Returns policy

Due to our products being food and drink we cannot accept returns, however if there is any issue with your order do not hesitate to get in touch asap.


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Organic Turmeric products - Ayurvedic inspired. Sri Lankan grown. London made.

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