Vicky Dalton Banks
Vicky Dalton Banks
24 August 2017

Alternative Vegetarian BBQ

When it comes to BBQ's, vegetables can be just as exciting. Whether you're trying to make more of a conscious effort to eat less meat or looking for interesting vegetarian options to serve alongside a meat-heavy feast; we've enlisted the help of Food Blogger, Vicky Dalton-Banks, to share 3 alternative vegetarian recipes that work well at a BBQ.

Why not serve it with barbecued halloumi? It's super easy and quite 'meaty', so it would help turn it into a complete meal.

Tenderstem broccoli with orzo

The perfect summer side dish to go alongside barbecued food. This recipe was inspired by Ed Smith's new cookbook, On The Side, so it's been adapted to take out the cheese and use ingredients found at the local farmers market.

Find the recipe here

Roasted romano peppers

This beautiful looking roasted romano peppers recipe works well as a side dish at BBQ's with it's complimenting flavours.

The nice thing about this is that you can serve it in the tray you roast them in, so people can help themselves to this vibrant dish!

Find the here

Spiced cauliflower and carrot salad with tahini dressing

This recipe is inspired by my travels to Morocco and the Persian cookbooks that I own. It’s full of different flavours like the fragrant mint and parsley, juicy pomegranate, salty feta and crunchy hazelnuts.

It’s hard to ever get bored of it! If you leave out the feta, it’s vegan friendly too!

Find the here

Follow Vicky's food and travel journey on her blog, Dalton Banks.

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