Tomi Makanjuola
Tomi Makanjuola
30 October 2017

3 Vegan Nigerian Soups To Warm You Up This Winter

With the weather slowly turning cold and to mark the start of #WorldVeganMonth, we got Tomi, The Vegan Nigerian, to share 3 warming soup recipes for us to try.

Sweet Potato and Fava Bean Soup

This rich and warming soup is bursting with flavour and perfect for those cold winter months. It is high in fibre and protein, so you can enjoy this guilt-free.

Coconut, Corn and Scotch Bonnet Soup

There is something absolutely magical about the combinations in this soup recipe. The intense heat of the scotch bonnet pepper is perfectly balanced out by the sweet and creamy coconut and corn. This is one of those recipes you will want to return to again and again after trying it for the first time.

Plantain Dumpling Soup

Plantain is one of those versatile ingredients that shines in any dish you put it in. This is certainly no exception in this recipe where flavourful plantain dumplings pack a punch in a tangy tomato soup base.

Find Tomi's recipes on Tabl and follow her cooking adventures over on her blog, The Vegan Nigerian.

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