Tessa Schrupp
Tessa Schrupp
27 June 2017

Destination staycation | Italy

Italy is stunningly beautiful, from its expansive vineyards in Tuscany to the Amalfi coast. And it's also home to some of the world's finest cuisine. Many Italians have immigrated to London and brought along their knowledge and culture, so trek outdoors and take advantage of all that Italy has to offer in London.


Picture from aromacafe.gr Italians take their coffee seriously; the first espresso machine was even invented in Italy. In keeping with Italian tradition, be sure to stop by a coffee "bar" well versed in the art of coffee making. We suggest ducking into Princi, a combo bakery and restaurant in the middle of Soho, and be wowed by their seriously delicious coffee (the pizza is not too shabby either). The vibe is cozy and rather informal so you can check it out on the fly.


Photo from padella.co With so many Italian restaurants in London, choosing one can be overwhelming, so we've done some of the leg work for you. Burro e Salvia, with two locations in Shoreditch and East Dulwich, combines top rated food, atmosphere and reasonable prices. While sitting down to enjoy your meal, you can watch the sfoglina (pasta maker) working his magic to bring you the freshest pasta. Another place you should be sure to check out is Padella, which has made it into the top 100 UK restaurants rating. The food at this London Bridge eatery is well priced and delicious (but be wary of the long queues, which work on a first come, first served basis).

Sweet Treat

Photo from tikichris.com In the past few years, gelateria's have been popping up all around London, and what's more Italian than gelato? 3Bis in the heart of Borough Market relies on quality ingredients and authentic techniques to bring you Italy's finest in a wide array of flavours and speciality items such as the Chocoshot seen above. 3Bis opened in London after the owners in Remini, Italy decided to expand their business and a plethora of rave reviews proved that London was a the best location for it. With all the hot weather in London recently, a quick trip to 3Bis is the perfect way to cool off.


Photo from seriousseats.com Bruschetta always evokes thoughts of summer when tomatoes are at their freshest. Hundreds of years ago, bruschetta was invented to add flavour to the traditionally saltless bread found in Italy. Today it is usually served as antipasti and would pair wonderfully with a dry rosé or crisp white after a long day of work. Don't be intimidated, the recipe takes only a few minutes to make! Bruschetta Recipe

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This October, take part in an Italian themed supper club and put your culinary skills to good use to make. The menu is Butternut Squash and Gruyere Ravioli with Butter Sauce and Shaved Parmesan (mouthwatering). Sign up: Italian Supperclub
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