Tessa Schrupp
Tessa Schrupp
4 July 2017

An American foodie in London 🇺🇸

London is home to a wonderful mix of people who are happy to share their own distinct cultures with the rest of the city. The diversity of food available is practically limitless.

Whilst spending a month in London, I made every effort to sample food from all over the city. I've compiled a list of only some of my favourites.

Where The Pancakes Are

(Photo by @e_beth_4)

At brunch, I found myself constantly torn between savoury or sweet, when in reality I want a little of both. Where the Pancakes Are has a great selection of savoury and sweet pancakes to suit everyone.

The Forest Berries is two pancakes with a berry compote, Greek cream, crushed meringue, and toasted almond flakes. Though thoroughly satisfied, I was also eyeing the pancakes with hollandaise, poached eggs, tarragon asparagus and smoked salmon. Guess I'll have to go back.

Borough Food Market

On any given day, Borough Market is a bustling full of food vendors. I went just before lunch and saw that the little shops and stands were more than willing to give out free samples of food. Before noon I'd almost had a whole lunch of olive oil, baguette, truffle cheese, honey, brownie pieces, granola, mango lassi!

But as if that wasn't enough, I decided to stop at a truck selling Indian street food. The trio of vegetarian dishes caught my eye and I was more than content with the lovely combo of curry, vegetables, yoghurt and tamarind, despite not being to finish it all.

In & Out Food Court

After a large brunch on a Saturday morning, I was hungry a few later. My boyfriend was wowed by these elaborate waffles and had to get one for himself (and in typical fashion I snagged a bite). Check Nosteagia out - you won't regret it!

Pear Tree Street Balcony

One Friday evening called for some decompressing over homemade guacamole, sweet chili chips and a glass of fresh Pimm's before dinner. There are worse ways kick off a weekend and enjoy the balmy weather, I'm sure.

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