11 April 2016

How to start planning your first pop up

Pop ups have become the most fashionable (and tasty) way to eat out, satisfying hungry diners looking for an experience they won't find at chain restaurants or their own dining room. Whether a one-off supper club hosted in your home or a monthly restaurant takeover, starting your own successful pop-up restaurant requires plenty of thought and preparation and we're here to help. Masterchef's Tony Rodd gives his top tips

1. Give your event purpose.

First things first, let's talk USP. What's totally unique about your event, venue or what does your hosting bring to the Tabl? Have a think about why people are going to want to go to your popup rather than the place down the road with two mains for a tenner. This might well be the kind of food you're trying to sell or maybe it’s your unique persona. Maybe it's a combination of the two. We spoke to Carine from Matango Supper Club about how growing up in Africa, then France, then moving to Dublin and eventually settling in London has influenced her choice of flavours and provides a unique background story around which she bases her menu. Masterchef finalist Tony Rodd uses his experience on TV to tempt people to his dinner parties, and people are always keen to chat about his famous moustache over food and wine.

2. Whatever it is, an average menu won't do.

No one will buy into your idea of Mexican Magic or your Incredible Italian menu if it doesn't sound unique, filling and importantly, good value for money. Try to be as innovative as you can and don't be tempted to overcharge in the hope of making a bigger profit. There are tons of cuisines that have been remade countless times, so there's a real place in the market to create something that fuses cuisines and different food combinations. It's all about making people's mouths water just from the menu. Diners these days are snap happy with their camera phones so you're going to have to make sure the food looks good enough to be Instagrammed straight from the table. Differing from the norm is always appreciated, so think about how you might be able to do something a little different or unexpected, like at our Stimulating the Senses events. Nibbles, eaten straight from the beer mat

3. Location, location, location.

Know your audience and pick your location wisely. If you don't have space in your home to host a supper club, don't stress. We'll help you find the perfect venue by matching you with one of our partner restaurants, and there are plenty of bookable spaces like the London Cooking Project or Cafe by Crisis. East London's Cafe by Crisis, set up for a Tabl event Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook to see how we can help you to plan your first supper club or pop up.
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