Steve Davies
Steve Davies
6 March 2018

International Women's Day

Our community of producers, cooks and ambassadors are people we shout about every chance we get. Without them, Tabl would just be an echo chamber of Elani’s crusade against sugar, Kimberly’s love of green beans and cous cous and me advocating every meal to involve meat cooked as long and slowly as your oven can handle. This International Women’s Day, we want to showcase some of the truly inspiring women that the Tabl team is incredibly proud to have as part of our food family.

Dana Elemara

Dana left a career in investment banking to change both her own life and those of a community of Berber women living in south west Morocco. In 2012, she launched Arganic, a company selling fully traceable, 100% pure organic Argan oil. Born to Iraqi parents living in London, she grew up learning of the health benefits offered by Arabic ingredients such as pomegranates and walnuts, giving her an understanding that natural, nutritious food was key to healthy living. After spending two years researching and getting to know local farmers and the Berber people, she sold her first bottle of argan oil. Since then, Arganic has provided more than 600 jobs for local women at the Sidi Yassine farm, whilst paying a fair wage, helping to build schools on site and preserving the UNESCO protected argan tree in the process.

Swati Biwal

Another of our community who gave up a corporate life to pursue a culinary dream, via raising her two daughters in a busy house. Although it would have felt like a library compared to the family of 45 she grew up amongst during a childhood in India. This is where Swati’s love for food was born, at the centre of every birthday, wedding or just a regular Thursday, there was always an amazing array of dishes.

Cheeky Food Co was born from a desire to replicate these feasts of her childhood for her own family, but with far less time on her hands. A panic sparked by a lack of acceptable alternatives when supplies of her mum’s mango pickle reached critical levels, inspired her to enter the artisan producer market. She’s since outgrown her own kitchen, moving into a commercial unit in north west London and you can find her jars in high street stores across London and Europe, but she is still ensuring every batch is fully handmade and given her personal taste approval.

Dixey Brooks, Roxy Lepron & Perly Freeman

Marvellous Superfood is a true example of a female family affair. The brainchild of Dixey Brooks is now run by her three daughters. The green Welsh countryside where the family lives, mirrors both the products and the environmentally friendly approach the employed by the business. They pride themselves on being an ethical, small batch producer.

Dixey started out making her ‘special green blend’ in a salad bowl in her kitchen, trying to cram as much nutrition as possible into her family’s daily diet. Since 2012, an exponential growth has seen Marvellous Foods branch out from their Welsh heartland to supplying shops worldwide. Roxy and Perly are carrying on the great work done by their mother in the day-to day running of Marvellous Superfood, with their other sister working on branding and design.

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