Steve Davies
Steve Davies
9 March 2018

4 Meals To Help You Win At National Napping Day

The catnap, siesta, pisolini, 10 winks - the holy grail of the working man. March 12th is National Napping Day and while the afternoon snooze is a daily occurrence across the Mediterranean, we’ve narrowed it down to one day of the year, so you have to make it count. Nap long, nap often.

However you still need to eat, and don’t want anything time-consuming like intricate recipes getting in the way of those sweet sweet zzz’s. So here is Tabl’s guide to keeping National Napping Day as tasty as possible.

Brunch: Sheet Pan Eggs

We’ve skipped breakfast, because if you’re committed to the day, you’ll have slept through. These eggs, from the brilliant brother and sister team behind eatwise, are as simple as they come. Light, fluffy and healthy, but above all lazy.

Afternoon meal: Super speedy pesto and pasta

At this point, you may feel a little too awake, which is when you need to carb-load. A big bowl of pasta is perfect to set up an afternoon snooze. It’s how the Italians are so adept at daily pisolini. When in Rome…….

Dinner: Buffalo Shin Stew

This recipe, made with beautiful meat from Tabl’s very own Orkney Buffalo, is the ultimate in lazy cooking. Maximum flavour and minimum effort is the name of the game on National Napping Day. It may take three hours to cook, but the oven is doing all the work. You could probably head back to bed while you wait.

Guilt Free snacks - Coconut macaroons

During a lazy day, snacks are a must. But with three square meals and all this inactivity, you are going to want something healthy yet still delicious. Nourish’s coconut macaroons are tasty, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free - but crucially satisfy the sweetest of teeth.

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