4 August 2015

Why you should eat seasonally

It seems everyone and his auntie is evangelising about the importance of eating seasonally these days. I've lost count of the number of chefs I've heard talking excitedly about cooking seasonal food this summer. But what exactly are the benefits?

When food is in season it's at its peak in terms of harvest, which often coincides with the flavour hitting its best. Think about eating tender asparagus cooked fresh from the fields in late spring. An added perk to buying according to the seasons is of produce being at its cheapest and most fresh. Here are a few top reasons to buy and eat in tune with the seasons:

Your body will thank you

Fresh, local and seasonal food is full of vitamins and nutrients and, accordingly, better for your health. Produce that has spent a long time winging its way from far-flung countries to arrive on your plate will have lost nutritional value by the time it gets there. Not only that, but you'll find you try new tastes and flavours.

Your mouth will thank you

If you've ever eaten a fresh-out-the-ground carrot, you'll know the artificially produced versions - that have been frozen and then sent across the world on a plane and a truck - are not comparable. It stands to reason that more naturally produced food - given the change to grow, ripen and mature properly in its own sweet time, will taste fresher and better.

The environment will thank you

Renouncing the food that has travelled from far-flung destinations to sit sadly on a supermarket shelf in a plastic tub saves energy, cuts down C02 emissions and helps stop environmental damage. You're also helping to support your local British growers to keep farmland and green spaces flourishing.

Your bank will thank you

Don't pay over the odds for food that has travelled thousands of miles, or that cannot be found here in the UK. Grow your own vegetables, or pick free herbs or berries growing wild, to save some cash. If that's too difficult, and you have some space in your freezer, you could buy produce when it's in season and freeze for the winter months ahead. If you plan ahead a bit, you can reduce your food costs.

Find an event on Tabl, where you can eat delicious, seasonal, local food cooked by someone else. Have you got any tips about eating seasonally? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you.

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