Sofia Modiati
Sofia Modiati
8 August 2018

The Mediterranean Diet - A Greek Triumph

Greece is home to sun, sea and delicious dishes thought to hold the key to good health. The traditional Mediterranean diet isn’t about one particular food group or set of superfoods, it’s all about balance, variety, moderation and family and friends!

The philosophy of the approach, does not just centre around diet, although food is a huge part of it. The word ‘diet’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘dieta’. It means way of life. Our way of life is based on fruit, vegetables, pulses, beans, fish, meat and healthy fats such as olive oil, which are all part of the ‘Mediterranean diet’ recognised by nutritionists as one of the healthiest in the world.

Aside from eating a diet that consists mainly of fresh and wholesome foods, we believe that life is to be celebrated and it should be enjoyed with family and friends. It is important to sit down together and take time to enjoy the food and company of others. The Mediterranean way is definitely the sense of belonging by sharing a meal with family and friends and creating memories.

For Greeks, food is such an integral part of life and culture and the Mediterranean way of life is a reminder of something that, deep down, we all know that food is better, when its honest and shared with others.

It is not possible to talk about the Mediterranean diet and Greek food without mentioning Gemista (Stuffed vegetables). This is a classic vegetarian summer Greek dish found in households, tavernas and restaurants all over the country.

Gemista are vegetables, usually tomatoes and bell peppers (although you can also use courgettes or aubergines) filled with rice and baked in the oven. There are variations to this dish, as some prefer to stuff the vegetables with meat-based sauce, however you cannot really beat the vegetarian version. It’s just a delicious and healthy dish.

The only real way to end a classic summer meal in Greece is with the classic sweet treat called ‘glyko’ or ‘spoon sweets’, traditionally served on a tea spoon (hence the name!) with Greek coffee or a glass of cold water.

There are many variations of spoon sweets, but the sour cherry spoon sweet is one of the most popular. The preserved cherries are versatile (perfect with yogurt, ice cream, pancakes, muesli) and also make a refreshing drink…just mix a couple of spoonfuls of the cherry preserve with water, plenty of ice, a few lemon slices in a tall glass and stir well. This was real treat for us during the hot days of summer.

We also love the strawberry spoon sweet – so if you are thinking of making a cheesecake why not add strawberry spoon sweet as a topping? You won’t be disappointed!

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