Sheepa Miah
Sheepa Miah
30 October 2017

What makes a Chicago Pizza?

Pizza originated in Italy over 100 years ago and today can be found anywhere in the world - in so many varieties they’re impossible to count. In the USA, the most famous forms of pizza are the New York style and the Chicago style but what’s the difference and how would you spot a Chicago style pizza?

Whilst the New York is known for its thin crust and is often baked directly on the floor of the oven or via flat baking dishes, the Chicago is baked in a much deeper dish, leading some to refer to it as a ‘pizza pie’ or ‘deep-dish pizza’.

Whatever name you know it by, the Chicago pizza is constructed differently from other pizzas and here’s the lowdown on what a Chicago Pizza is and where to find the best ones in the word.

The Crust

Normally the Chicago pizza base will go up the sides of the dish and is brushed with oil before baking. Eateries will partially bake the dough before adding the toppings to make sure it’s never soggy. Because it has a crust, it’s also more robust than other Pizzas.

The Fillings and Toppings

If you love your pizza toppings then this is the pizza for you. Due to the deeper dish used, your average Chicago pizza can take a lot more toppings than Italian or New York versions - plus it takes a bit longer to cook. Also, expect your fillings in ‘reverse order’ as normally the cheese goes on first to prevent it going rubbery with the longer cooking time. Layers of tomato sauce and other ingredients then go on top.

Where Can I Buy Chicago Pizza?

Most pizza chains do their own version of a deep dish pizza but you could try making one yourself. They’re not that difficult and you can be as creative as you like with the fillings - just remember to put the cheese in the base first!

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