Sheepa Miah
Sheepa Miah
29 October 2017

What are Tiger Nuts?

When is a nut not a nut? When it’s a Tiger Nut.

Tiger Nuts are not nuts. They're actually root-vegetables commonly cultivated in Spain and West Africa. For thousands (or even millions) of years they formed much of the diet of our Paleo ancestors but have recently been branded a superfood.

Did You Know?

  • Tiger Nuts are also known as yellow nutsedge, earth almond or chufa.
  • Tiger Nuts can be enjoyed roasted, dried or raw.
  • They get their name from their stripy skin.
  • They're actually a legume, not a nut (just like peanuts).

Are There Any Health Benefits with Tiger Nuts?

They're rich in prebiotic fibre apparently (yes, we had to look that up!). Essentially, prebiotics help the probiotics in our gut to thrive.

Just a 30 gram serving of Tiger Nuts provides 40% of our daily fibre intake. Wow.

Why Are They Considered a Superfood?

There are five main reasons why they are considered to be a superfood, namely:

  • They contain magnesium, potassium and amino acids.
  • Their high fibre content helps to maintain healthy digestion.
  • Tiger Nut milk can be used as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk or soya milk.
  • They're a great source of vegetable protein.
  • Tiger Nut oil properties are similar to olive oil.
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