Sheepa Miah
Sheepa Miah
30 October 2017

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Foodies

Finding the perfect birthday gift for our friends and loved ones can be a difficult task. We’ve put our heads together to come up with this list of perfect birthday gifts for food lovers.

Vegan Sprinkles Gift Box

These savoury sprinkles are amazing on top of your favourite cracker toppings. They’re also perfect for soups and salads.

Organic Breakfast Kit

If your friends or loved ones need to get their energy in the morning why not treat them to this Amaranth-based breakfast kit? It’s unusual, delicious and guaranteed to keep them going until lunchtime.

Italian Black Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is always a treat - even a dash in salads or poured over fresh pasta tastes amazing. This one is from Urbania and made with high-quality olive oil.

Botree Kampot Salt and Pepper Seasoning Kit

This is THE ultimate seasoning gift for foodies and features award-winning pepper, sea salt and cast iron grinding pots.

Cold and Blac Coffee Liquor

This original, and unique, London-made liquor has rich coffee flavours and is handmade in Dalston. Made with grain spirit, coconut nectar, cacao and coffee.

Matcha Brewing Kit

Japanese teas and the accompanying ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. This match kit comes complete with a special grade matcha tea and handcrafted matcha-ware so they’ll have everything they need to create an ancient ceremony in style.

Raspberry and Rosemary Cordial

This award-winning cordial is sweet and earthy - ideal for creative cocktails or with sparkling water. This cordial is with care and devotion - using only directly farm-sourced fruit.

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