Ruby Chan
Ruby Chan
2 January 2018

3 Ways To Drink Tea In The New Year

Many of us make resolutions in the new year to reset and kickstart a healthier lifestyle. So the Teatime family brings you some exciting new recipes this January!

We’re all about health, taste and happiness - we love tea and think it should be part of the everyday diet. Tea should fit into our lifestyle and become a habit; that’s when its health benefits are the most powerful.

There are lots of ways to consume tea, so we like to experiment and create new recipes to spice things up! This month we’ve come up with three delicious ideas, to be enjoyed on a cozy night in or to share with your friends.

Our recipes are quick and easy, and this month we have an exclusive 20% off all of these blends - simply visit our shop on Tabl before the end of January to order your teatime.

1) Revitazest Twist

This is a simple tea recipe with a twist of healthy lemon and added sweetness that will leave you wanting more!

2) Lemmune Caipirinha

Here’s a surprisingly refreshing cocktail with all the added benefits of our antioxidant Lemmune Superboost.

3) Iced berry Tummy Tonic

Last but not least, we bring you a delicious smoothie with lots of vitamins, perfect for the colder months.

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