Paul Conboy
Paul Conboy
2 May 2017

Must-eats: Leeds

Reds True Barbecue, Leeds.

Reading my way through Black Angus Brisket and Burnt Ends, Bird Trays and Pulled Pork Sandwiches, it was hard not to enter a food coma even before our food arrived at Reds True Barbecue in Leeds city centre this weekend. Imagine slow cooked meats marinated for hours/days, deep fried American style pickles, calorific slaws and loaded fries and you might just about get the picture that this place is serving some seriously good food. American beers, hoppy in taste and bursting with citrus, large colas and dirty milkshakes, this place does a great job in providing big eat satisfaction. On our visit this weekend, Reds True Barbecue certainly did not disappoint. Service was great, even suggesting signing up to a mailing list in return for one of their bottled sauces. This, we did.

On ordering food, and to avoid any cross table food envy, we both settled with The Juicy Lucifer burger. This was made with a three chilli cheese stuffed pattie, layers of onions, bacon, pickles and relish. Alongside this, fired up skin on fries and a further side (just because we were feeling greedy) of smokey rib ends with their very own unholy BBQ sauce.

Chowing down in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and London, Reds True Barbecue is an eat not to be missed.

Service. 4/5
Value for money. 5/5
Overall quality of food and taste. 4/5

Overall 4/5

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