13 July 2015

5 secrets to making the best curry ever

Have you ever wondered what the secrets are to cooking a really great curry? Indian cookery expert, Priya Deshingkar, who runs the successful Brighton Deccan Tiffin company, shares some of her family cooking secrets with us to help you achieve curry perfection.

1. Always use fresh ingredients and grind your own spices

Make your own spice mixtures and garlic and ginger pastes. Shop bought spices are less aromatic, so it's best to grind things up yourself - in a coffee grinder or using a stone pestle and mortar. Or, if you have to buy them, get them from a small batch producer.

2. Use corn-fed or free range chicken on the bone

This really makes a difference to the taste of the curry. Battery produced chickens are often fed on food made with fish meal and things like that, which give meat a certain flavour. You notice it if you use a good chicken because it's developed the way it should. Also, use chicken on the bone to increase the taste.

3. Cook onions until the raw smell has gone

The cooking time really does depend on the amount of onions used and the type of pan, but keep cooking gently until the raw smell has left - anywhere between five and 10 minutes. If you feel the smell hasn't gone, then add some water and continue cooking until it does.

4. Add warm not cold water

Chefs in India will swear by this rule. Add water strategically to your curry. Normally in a recipe, there is one point where you add water to make a sauce, just make sure that when you do - it's warm not cold water being added.

5. Prepare curry one day in advance

Many curries taste better the following day as time gives the spices a chance to penetrate the meat properly. So, if you do have time to prepare and cook in advance of serving a curry dish, then do so.

If you fancy cooking one of Priya's classic family chicken curry recipes, then please have a look at her Ceylon chicken curry recipe.

Try Priya's cooking for yourself at her upcoming supper clubs right here.

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