Sweet Seared Salmon

Sweet Seared Salmon
This recipe is perfect for entertaining guests.. it's also easy for a quick lunch or dinner. Delicious with seasonal garlic or creamed greens.
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Sweet Seared Salmon


  • 2 Salmon fillets
  • One head of cauliflower
  • 1/2 inch of fresh ginger
  • 5g fresh parsley
  • Pinch of salt/pepper for seasoning
  • Chili flakes
  • Bunch of Asparagus

How to make

  1. Wash and cut the cauliflower into small florets, place in a pan and heat, once it has reached boiling temperature, start to simmer for around ten minutes.
  2. Rinse through the salmon fillets, and ensure there is no bones, put in a pan of cold water and heat, lightly poaching the salmon.
  3. Once the cauliflower has been simmering and softened, place in a food processor with pepper, the peeled ginger into the processes and blend for around 2-3 minutes, until the texture of a puree.
  4. After the Salmon has thoroughly cooked through and is poached, place into an already heated pan with a teaspoon of olive oil and chilli flakes and start to sear, cook the salmon for 3 minutes on either side, making it golden and and coated with the chilli flakes.

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