Elani Buchan
Elani Buchan
25 March 2018

Spinach Day Round Up

I’ve been putting off writing this blog for a few days because I wasn’t really sure what to say about spinach, beyond references to Popeye (spoiler alert: I will mention Popeye a little bit), and when it’s National Spinach Day, you want to be able to sing its praises. It’s pretty damn good for you and stupidly versatile, but not too sexy. Maybe because it doesn’t actually give you superhuman muscles and strength, it suffers from over-inflated expectations? Is it possible that spinach’s most famous advocate, is actually harming its reputation? And who eats it from a can nowadays anyway? Very old fashioned.

We are here to celebrate National Spinach Day, so why not include it in every dish you eat today, and show that pipe-smoking sailor he’s not the only one who’s strong to the finish.


Unfortunately this Green Pina Colada, or Green-a Colada as I’ve just started calling it, contains no rum. That’s not really a breakfast drink, not like cognac. It is an amazing way to start your day right though, plenty of Iron from the spinach and full of protein, potassium and vitamin C.

Morning Snack

Spicy, veg heavy and much better for you than their sweet counterparts, Eatwise’s muffins are an excellent way to keep yourself going between breakfast and lunch. Incidentally, fun fact, the spinach growing town of Crystal City in Texas erected a Popeye statue in 1937, after his cartoon boosted sales by 33% in the depression. I was maybe too quick to judge him.


Continuing our green odyssey, Paul Conboy’s quick salad works beautifully as a light lunch. Make sure you roast the chickpeas for long enough to give a lovely crispy texture to the dish. Also, just like Popeye, pairs magically with lots of Olive Oyl. (Last reference I promise.)


A favourite as a side or the main event for a curry night. The paneer is brilliant at soaking up all those fragrant Indian spices. Traditionally the spinach is blended to give a rich, silky sauce, but it’s left sliced in here to help soak up more of Angela’s sauce.

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