Elani Buchan
Elani Buchan
15 March 2018

Putting a Cheeky Spin on Your Cheese Board

There is nothing I love more than a good cheese board. The combination of flavours and textures means that every wine and cheese night is unique and different, simply by changing a few of the accoutrement on your plate. For a while I would stick to your basic cheese and crackers, then I moved on to including more fruit to accentuate the sweet vs savoury. Now, I've moved into new unchartered territory for me, not for most, and have started to include more chutneys on my cheese boards. Some of my favourites have come from Swati at Cheeky Food Co, her chutneys are a new take on a British classic and they have taken hold of my heart (and stomach). Here are a few of my favourite cheeses to go with two of her signature chutneys.

Cracking Cranberry Chutney

Favourite pairings: Camembert and Goat's Cheese

I picked Camembert over Brie for this chutney because, even though it has a similar lush and buttery feel, Camembert is Brie's sassier cousin. The intense flavour combined with the mushroom and nutty notes lends itself perfectly to this chutney. While cranberries are the star of the show, don't over look the apples in this chutney. The apples balance out the strong flavours of the cheese and the spices give it that extra kick!

Not to be outdone, goat's cheese is another great pairing for Cracking Cranberry Chutney. Goat's cheese is quite creamy and salty so the cranberries in this chutney provide the sweetness and acidity to create perfect balance. The creaminess of the cheese really cuts through the acidity of the chutney to it from being overpowering

Ravishing Red Onion Chutney

Favourite pairings: Cheddar and Wensleydale

Can you really go wrong with a mature cheddar cheese? Probably not, but this Red Onion Chutney takes it to a whole new level. A strong cheddar brings out the sweet notes of the caramelised onions. Also the hints of yellow mustard and spices give a nice little kick to the cheese.

Last, but certainly not least, is the classic Wensleydale. Known as a dessert cheese, this cheese was also voted Best for toasting by the British Cheese Board in 2013. I liked pairing the fresh creaminess of the Wensleydale with the stronger notes of the onion in the chutney on some crusty bread. I'm sure it would taste even better in a cheese toastie!

If you're interested in learning more about Swati and seeing the range of Cheeky products, check out her shop on Tabl.

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