Chintal Patel
Chintal Patel
24 July 2018

Keep The Kids Busy This Summer

Looking for ways to keep the children busy over the summer holidays? Look no further, here are some fun ways to keep the children active, engaged and healthy in the kitchen over the summer.

First a little kitchen science - have you ever tried to make butter from double cream? Its fun, gets the children exercising their bodies and their brains and you end up with some delicious home made butter to use for the rest of the week! Flavour it with garlic and herbs or spread it on your toast. I guarantee you won’t want to buy butter again!

What’s the best way to keep cool in this heatwave?! NICE CREAM! Ice cream’s healthier best friend. I guarantee your children wont even notice you have managed to sneak in a little veggie goodness either. Frozen cauliflower in ice cream? Before you keep scrolling, just give it a try you really can't taste it at all!

My children LOVE gardening and if your children love getting their hands dirty too why not try growing beetroot leaves in your kitchen? Simply chop the top of the beetroot with the leaves still attached and about 1cm of the root. Place cut side down in a plate of water for a week in a sunny area and watch your leaves grow. Sauté the leaves or use them in a salad. Use the beetroot to make some delicious brownies – double bonus!

And if you are planning a picnic or two over the summer, here are some quick and easy healthy treats you can make together to take with you.

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