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Recipes by Amber Yung-Hok

Curated by Amber Yung-hok

I'm a student at the University of Sussex studying International Business. Veganism, animal rights, running and environmentalism are my passions, and I like to create recipes which are good for your mind as well as your body. I like to create specialist recipes for people with dietary needs, and show people just how much you can eat with a vegan lifestyle.
Vegan Aubergine and Sweet Potato Gyoza
Vegan Baked Raspberry Porridge with all the toppings
Vegan morning vibes: green smoothie
Vegan PB & J style breakfast smoothie
Vegan PB & Oat Balls
Vegan Raspberry Matcha Cake
Vegan Purple Corn Flatbread Pizza.
Vegan Dark Chocolate, Coconut Almond Butter Overnight Oats
Vegan; Coconut, Lime and Date Bars with Passionfruit Date Sauce.
Vegan; Nepalese Dhal
Vegan; PB Chocolate Brownies made from Coconut Flour.
Vegan Full Breakfast
Vegan; Carrot and Coconut Bliss Balls
Rhubarb and Purple Custard Filo Tarts
Vegan; Salted Caramel Carrot Cake Overnight Oats.
Vegan; Sun-Caught Gingerbread Men.
Vegan; Pea and Mint Soup
Vegan; Raw Raspberry and Date Cheesecake
Vegan; Raspberry Banana Nice-Cream
Vegan; Maca Matcha, Vanilla Almond and Cocoa Nib Overnight Oats
Vegan; Nepalese Style Roti
Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Waffles
Indian Spiced Potato, Chickpea and Split Pea Burgers
Vegan: Ginger Chilli Noodle Broth.
Vegan Coffee Cake with Coconut Coffee Frosting
Vegan Raspberry Cake with Coconut Raspberry Frosting.
Vegan Coconut Bliss Ball inspired Morning Oats
Vegan Ginger and Garlic Noodles with Roasted Pumpkin
Vegan Sweet and Sour Soya Protein
Vegan Korean Shaved Ice
Vegan Breakfast Burrito
Vegan Mug Cake: Banana Baked Oats
Vegan Burrito Bowl
Vegan 'Better For You' Chocolate Oat Cookies
Vegan Seitan Burgers