Alja Spoljaric
Alja Spoljaric
14 September 2016

Quick, healthy and easy beach snacks

Salmon burger
Spending a day at the beach usually means tanning (or for most Brits sunburning), lots of splashing water and returning home with sand in rather inappropriate places.

All that beach fun is bound to leave you hungry, very hungry. If you're at a relatively developed beach you may be able to get snacks from a nearby stand, however those are usually unhealthy and overpriced. Which is why it's very handy if you bring some home prepared snacks with you, along with enough bottles of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. We've put together a couple of suggestions that are fuss free and require minimum planning.

Also, to keep your food as cool as possible without having to carry large containers with you, we suggest you freeze smaller bottles of water a day ahead and use them instead.

1. Nuts

Pretty straight forward, nuts are always a great snack to have at hand. And you can mix and match them with dry fruit, such as cranberries and raisins, or coconut shreds and seeds. We suggest you put the nut mix in small resealable plastic bags, preferably single servings as this will prevent you from pigging out, as well as having people eating all your favourites.

spiced nuts recipe

2. Fresh fruit

You can stick with basics such as apples, grapes and bananas, or try going a bit more exotic with pineapple, mango and watermelon. Up your fruit game and make colourful fruit kebabs. Feel free to tag along some peanut butter too, because why not.

Fresh Fruit

3. Crackers and dips

You can either make your own crackers at home or buy them. We suggest opting for a healthier wholewheat, spelt or buckwheat ones as opposed to regular, as they usually carry more salt and fat and less fibre. As for dips, hummus is always a safe bet, or you can experiment with a beetroot dip or baba ghanoush. We suggest staying away from dairy and eggs as the dips might go off in the sun.

Dips and crackers

4. Vegetables

Cut fresh cucumber, carrots, turnip and celery into sticks and pack them with you for a super healthy and light beach snack. Feel free to pair them up with dips and nut butters.

Roasted vegetables

5. Burritos

Moving on to more filling snacks, burritos make a great lunch option at the beach. Cook beans ahead or use canned ones, smash and spread them on tortillas, add some chopped onions, chillies and some chicken breast or beef. Top with salsa and wrap them in aluminium foil.

Healthy chicken and avocado burritos

6. Sandwiches

Sandwiches are always a safe bet and still on the top of the list for quick lunch ideas. As they require solely your hands and mouth to be eaten, they truly make a convenient meal to bring with your to the beach. We suggest opting for a thinly sliced sourdough or rye bread with chicken breast, turkey or beef, topped with lettuce and sliced avocado. For a veggie option, go for grilled halloumi or tofu with grilled aubergine or zucchini and dried tomatoes. If you want to add fresh tomatoes, we suggest packing them separately and adding them right before eating to avoid bread becoming soggy.

Healthy sandwich recipe ideas

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