Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
15 January 2017

Veganuary - A day in the life

This January I decided to try and embark on Veganuary, as someone who's allergic to dairy and a lover of Quorn I thought this would be a walk in the park. Little did I realise how much meat I actually consumed on a daily basis.

Typically for lunch, I'd have a chicken salad with avocado (inventive I know) then for dinner maybe more chicken or steak or whatever I had in the fridge. When I looked at it, a meal didn't seem 'complete' without meat. I realised this was going to much harder than I initially thought. I decided to track what I was eating on a daily basis and so I thought I should share it with you too!

Day #13 (The almost half way mark...huzzah!)

Breakfast - Today I'm not only going vegan, I'm mixing all the crazes in at once with a Matcha Chia Seed Pudding. This was a super easy recipe and it's full of omega 3 so if I believe the hype this will keep me going till lunch.
Matcha Chia Seed Recipe
Matcha chia seed pudding with coconut shavings to top it off
Morning Snack - Yes, the 11 o'clock hunger pang kicked in, so I've treated myself to a Coconut Maca Brownie from GB Chew....yum!
Avocado and courgette soup recipe
Avocados for days with this spicy courgette and avo soup
Lunch - I can give up meat but as long as Avocado-uary doesn't become a thing I should be ok. Today I'm having spicy courgette and avocado soup with some Dark Rye Ryvita. This is one of my favourite recipes so far, it's light, quick to make and I just threw a few in the freezer to keep me going for the month. Remembering to take them out, is the hard bit. Dinner - After a very 'green' day, I decided to treat my anti-veganuary friend and I to homemade vegan, beetroot & quinoa burgers. These take around an hour but my gosh they were worth it. I along with my friend actually forgot they weren't beef burgers. Obviously, they don't taste like beef but they're so packed full of flavour that dare I say it...they taste better!
Beetroot and quinoa burger recipe
The pièce de résistance my beetroot and quinoa burger
If you're on the #Veganuary train too, let me know below, we can be in it together or if you need any recipe inspiration you can find some more awesome recipes here.
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