Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
20 November 2017

Top tips for the perfect turkey

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, there is always a debate on how to make the perfect turkey. From basting to brining we’ve picked our top tips to make sure you have the juiciest and most delicious turkey this year.

Invest in a meat thermometer

Is it done, is it not? Stop the guesswork this year and invest in a meat thermometer. By testing the thickest part of the meat (away from the bone), you’ll know if your bird is safe to eat. The ideal temperature is 165F, remember your turkey will continue to cook as it rests and this temperature will go up by 10F when it’s resting. Wait at least 20 mins before you start carving.

Don’t baste the turkey

This may seem controversial but basting means more oven door opening, resulting in temperature fluctuations that can dry out your bird. Instead, keep your turkey moist by brining it or by rubbing it all over with butter or oil.

Brine your turkey

Brining will ensure you end up with a deliciously moist turkey. Brining involves soaking your turkey in a mixture of water, salt and other ingredients if you wish. The salt in the brine allows the muscle to absorb the brine and means it will release less moisture while cooking. Check out our favourite brine recipe for this year.

Cook the turkey on a rack of vegetables.

Place a rack inside your tray and line it with carrots, celery & onions. By lifting the turkey off the tray you’re allowing more air to circulate around the turkey so it will crisp all over. The vegetables will make a great stock for your gravy too!

Don’t stuff your turkey

Stuffing your turkey can actually lead to some harmful bacteria growing as the turkey is being cooked. Cooking stuffing inside can also take the turkey longer to cook which ultimately leads to a drier turkey. No one wants food poisoning or a dry turkey so keep that stuffing on the side. Instead of stuffing that bird, loosely fill the bird with onions and herbs.

Let it rest

Once your turkey hits 165F get it out of the oven and lock the juices in by tenting your turkey in tinfoil for at least 20 minutes. Don’t cover it too tightly hover as you don’t want it to start steaming under the foil.

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