Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
31 October 2017

Make Your Own Cupcake Boxes

Custom cupcake boxes are a perfect way to show off your scrumptious little cupcakes. Whether you've baked for a child's birthday, an office party or a wedding party, cupcake boxes will add extra charm to your celebrations. The best thing about making your own cupcake boxes is you can decorate your boxes as you want! Whether you want to dazzle with glitter or plan to theme them for a specific occasion like Easter or Christmas, follow the steps below to create your own cupcake boxes using our free cupcake PDF template.

What You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Home printer
  • Non-toxic glue or double-sided sticky tape
  • Decorations (such as glitter, non-toxic paint, coloured pens, ribbon)
  • A piece of card per cupcake. Make sure your card is suitably stiff (at least 270 gsm) and that your printer can cope! If not, print the template onto normal paper and trace the shape onto the card. Make sure you test the size of your box, as you might find you need to the template on two pieces of paper and glue them together.
  • Most importantly, your cupcakes!


  1. If you're using a home printer that only prints up to size A4, you will need to print off this handy template onto your card and cut out as shown.
  2. Carefully cut out the two shapes and glue the two straight slides together.
  3. Score along the dotted lines with the back of your scissors to make the tabs and fold.
  4. Glue or tape the tabs and join the sides together to make the shape of your box and do the same to make the lid.
  5. Now for the fun part, decorate your little box!


You can get as creative and individual as you want with these, but here are a few tips to help you create the perfect box:

  • Use coloured card for an extra dimension. Try gold or silver foil coated card.
  • You can also stick your gift wrap directly onto plain card prior to cutting for a lovely finish.
  • Use stickers for the lid or star bows.
  • Add a small round paper doily to the inside base of each box.
  • Give individually or add small groups to a basket or gift bag.

You can also check out our cupcake recipes. There’s nothing better than homemade and we've got some amazing cupcake recipes such as chai tea, wholegrain lemon and wlderflower, vegan fudge and peach and pistachio with baobab.

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