Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
26 October 2017

Best sympathy gifts for someone struggling with loss

If you know someone who is grieving, how do you show them that you're thinking of them?
Bereavement is a delicate and difficult time for all of those affected. It’s hard to know what to say and sometimes even harder to know what to do when someone close to you has lost a loved one.

It’s essential, however, to show how much your care at these times and help your grieving friends or family feel supported and loved. It really makes a difference.Here are a few gift suggestions for those struggling with loss;

Food Gift Basket

A food basket is a lovely gesture - especially when in the midst of grief and all the arrangements that may need to be made after a loss. Add healthy items to your basket; such as fruit or even fresh vegetable and ready-made pies, to make the basket as practically useful as possible.

Candles and Flowers

Combining some beautiful candles with a fresh smelling bouquet is a great way to show your feelings and concern. You can include a handwritten card too, to really make your friends or family feel cherished and that they are in your thoughts.

Home Baking

Something homemade is always welcome, and at times of grief especially so. Cakes, quiches or even fresh loaves of bread can be comforting.

Home Cooked Meals

Often grieving means not making time to cook, let alone eat. During the initial stages of loss, it’s like the whole world has stopped. Having a close friend pop by with a ready-cooked casserole, for example, can be a really healing and memorable gesture.

Teas and Coffees

A simple gift can be helpful too - loose tea, herbal tea bags or ground coffee can all help those grieving bounce back. Herbal teas such as those containing lavender, valerian or St John’s wort can help also aid with disrupted sleep patterns.

Gifts to Avoid

Avoid overly therapeutic gifts during the initial period after a loss, for example, a massage or spa voucher. Save that for a few weeks after. Try not to impose your beliefs with any gifts - for example, some people may not like gifts or cards with an overly religious message.

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