Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
10 February 2017

A Day in the Life | The Free From Fairy

Allergy-sufferers rejoice! There’s no need to rely on the Free From aisle at the supermarket, thanks to The Free From Fairy. When her two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease on top of dairy and egg allergies, Vicki decided to start a blog with all the recipes she created for her.

Gluten free flour

Frustrated with the gluten and wheat-free flour options on the market, she developed her own nutritious, high-protein, and non-rice based, flour. She launched it last year with a self-raising version so that we can recreate her delicious recipes. Vicki told us about a day in the life of The Free From Fairy.


We have a puppy (who's adorable btw) and she wakes up around 6.45 and then my kids (7 and 9) get up so I’m downstairs at 7 am.

I eat breakfast with them. At the moment I’m on a grain-free diet which is slightly problematic when you’re trying to develop recipes with your flour blend! I tend to have scrambled eggs and vegetables or homemade yoghurt with fruit, nuts and seeds. The kids normally have pancakes and a bowl of porridge. Part of the reason I wanted to create a flour blend with a good level of protein was because my daughter was eating and eating and nothing was filling her up.

I have a walk with the dog which clears the head, gets me thinking about the next recipe, and separates the children from the work, and then either go for a run or get on with work.


A bowl of soup – I’ve got so much to do that I just want something really quick. So I try to make a really big pot that sees me through the week and I’ve always got a stash of chicken stock in the freezer – it’s so full of nutrients and goodness. Today it was a butternut squash and carrot soup, and I also like sweet potato with coconut milk and spices. I have my lunch sitting at the computer.

I blog regularly. I try to write up a recipe every Friday and an informative blog on a Tuesday. First and foremost I’m a blogger and there for people who want to eat more healthily and have restrictions to their diet. I’ve just blogged a vegan grain-free cheesecake recipe and I’m about to put out my weekly newsletter.

At 3.30pm I collect the children from school. I try to make something for them to snack on that’s not really unhealthy; there’s not an awful lot on the market that isn’t full of rice flour or sugar.


We all eat together around 6 pm. Today we’re having bolognese or meatballs. Last night was pan-fried sea bass and vegetables followed by my vegan cheesecake.

As the children get older I get less stuff done in the evenings. I don’t want to short-change them. Quite often it’s gone 8 before I sit down to do a bit more work, but I’m not an evening person, so I’ll stop working at 10.

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