Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
25 October 2017

5 Food Gifts You Can Personalise (including Nutella!)

It’s easy to ignore the relatively mundane foods that we see all the time and finding foodie gifts that really shine can be a challenge. In reality, we are only limited by our imagination.

It’s likely that we’ll know what kinds of things those close to us really enjoy eating. So, we’ve taken a few popular food items and turned them on their heads. We think your friends will love them.

Personalised Nutella jar

We all love Nutella, but it’s not the most obvious gift to give. Probably as the jar is, well, just a jar. Add some sparkles, ribbons and even buttons with some non-toxic glue and hey presto - you have a unique personalised gift! You could also relabel the jar. All you'll need is white and red paint and you can replace 'Nutella' with the recipients name!

Chocolate pizza

Dessert pizzas might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you know someone with a particularly sweet tooth consider, customising one to show how much you care. Writing icing is good for creating personalized messages for birthdays and anniversaries whilst using a suitably sized cake box will elevate your gift beyond the ordinary.

Re-label a spice set

Select some premium jars and create some bespoke labels with hand-coloured images and hand-drawn typography. Add them to a small gift box and you’ll be giving something really memorable.

Fudge in a mug

Choose a mug you’ll think they’ll love, fill it with some hand-made fudge, wrap with clear cellophane and tie with a bow. You can also include a handmade card within the wrapping for that final personal touch.

Cupcakes in a box

These tiny cakes have been in vogue for some time now and most people genuinely love the colour and the taste. Make a batch of cupcakes and find the perfect gift box. Line the box with white greaseproof paper, add some ornate paper doilies and decorate the box with vintage style cloth ribbons. We’d be very surprised if this didn’t make them smile from ear to ear.

Check out our cupcake recipes including chai tea, vegan chocolate and free-from Nutella varieties.

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