Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
23 October 2017

3 Easy Vermouth Cocktail Recipes You Must Try

Vermouth might be world famous for being the main ingredient in classic Vodka Martinis but there’s more than one way to enjoy this versatile cocktail favourite.

Back in 1953, the Vodka Martini was the drink of choice of James Bond - but this vermouth cocktail was really a version of the classic gin-based Martini popular since the 1890’s. These days there are more vermouth cocktails than days in the year.

We’ve picked three great recipes to try using Belsazar - a delicious range of vermouths made in Berlin.

Belsazar Cuban Manhattan

Dating back to New York in the 1870’s, the Manhattan cocktail is one of the best-known vermouth cocktails in the world. This version uses rum instead of rye whisky for a sweeter hit.

The Bronx Cocktail

Another classic from New York, this one combines gin, 2 types of vermouth and tangy orange juice.

El Presidente

Originally made in Cuba during the 1920’s for Americans escaping prohibition, this cocktail is now delighting people the world over

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