Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
26 October 2017

10 perfect wine gifts for wine lovers

If you know a wine lover, we’ve taken the hard work out of choosing them a gift. Whatever the occasion, we’ve found them the perfect present. Here are our top ten gifts for oenophiles.

1. Fancy Bottle Stopper

All wine lovers need at least one bottle stopper. Trying the get the cork back in the bottle can be a real pain, so having a beautiful stopper on hand will be hugely helpful. It will also look much nicer than a squint cork!

2. Rosé Gummy Bears

These sound a bit posh don’t they? Made with real rosé wine they will provide a cute treat for any rosé loving friends you have. You can even make your own:
* 1 glass of rosé
* 5 teaspoons of gelatin (powdered)
* Half a cup of granulated sugar
* Gummy bear moulds

Warm the wine on a low heat and slowly add the gelatin powder and mix gently. Once dissolved add the sugar and pour the mix into the moulds. They set after about two hours and will need to be kept refrigerated

3. Scented Candles

If the need to relax or create the right ambience is a priority for your friend then consider a mulled wine scented candle. Great for winter events, these really add a cosy dimension to seasonal celebrations.

4. Mulling Spices

Having a ready-made stash of mulling spices is the perfect gift during the winter months - and it’s also a gift that can be saved for future years too. You might even want to make your own. If so, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, citrus zest and ginger are the spices to look for.

5. Fancy Bottle Opener

You can really go to town with corkscrews these days - with high-tech and precisely engineered to rustic, traditionally made models available.

6. Wine Caddy

A wine caddy is super-useful when picnicking or hosting a dinner party. Designed to carry both bottles and glasses there are a lot of designs out there - including ones that can carry snacks and our favourite which is designed to be used in the bath!

7. Wine Rack

Chances are your friend will already have a wine-rack, but if they don’t consider one that can be added to (modular style) or something more sculptural for example one made from wrought iron.

8. Unique Wines

Small-vineyard wines and premium bottles that are not well known will add an exclusivity to your gift-giving. None of these will be available from the supermarket - which will make them more treasured and appreciated. Consider a quarterly subscription for really special events, such as this one. Have a look here too, at some exclusive single bottles.

9. Wine Aerator

These are great as they eliminate the need for decanting the wine and breathing time by aerating the wine as it’s poured. If you don’t want anything to get in the way of your friend’s enjoyment of fine red wines then this is a must-have item.

10. Wine Thermometer

Knowing the correct temperature to serve wine at means getting the most from the bottle in terms of flavour and bouquet. As it’s different for each type of wine, having a wine thermometer is another must-have item for wine connoisseurs. They normally come with all the right data built-in, thus making them the ultimate wine-related gadget.

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