Michael Kitson
Michael Kitson
29 June 2017

3 Delicious vegan Indian recipes

Indian cuisine is without a doubt my favourite and my go-to. On account of Hinduism and Jainism’s religious principles, India has more vegetarians than the rest of the world put together. This has resulted in a complex, deeply developed vegetarian cuisine.

A great many dishes are easily made vegan. I find myself with the most options, and most freedom to experiment when I cook Indian food. So much so that, to make cooking vegan Indian food less intimidating, I created an adaptable one-pot vegan curry recipe which you can tailor to suit whatever is in your pantry.

I also love – with the addition of toasted spices, rich coconut milk and the hit of endorphin-releasing chillies – how easy it is to get lots of vegetables inside you. The amount of spinach cooked down and blended for my saag tofu recipe is quite staggering.

And finally, I love all the extras. No Indian meal is complete without fluffy naan bread, crunchy poppadoms and an array of chutneys. My favourite has always been peanut, so I put together a slight variation with this peanut & cashew chutney recipe.

For more tasty vegan inspiration, check out www.discoverdelicious.org.

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