Kara Colegrave
Kara Colegrave
6 June 2017

Weeknight time saving tips

Grate don’t chop: Garlic, ginger, chilli, carrots, apples and just about anything you are throwing into a slaw!

Cook once but make more: make extra of what you are already cooking and have it for lunch or dinner the next day or If you can freeze it.

Put the lid on the pots to keep the heat in a speed the boil.

Don’t be afraid of skin, just a good wash and forget peeling. Plus, it has tons of extra fibre.

Tear don’t chop mushrooms!

Invest in tasty and good for you pre-made sauces like those from Taste Collectiv.

Save on cooking time and swap spaghetti for noodles, try soba or udon for an Asian twist.

Defrost in aluminium, the heat will transfer faster

Squeezing? Put your lemons and limes in the microwave for 30s the juice will just come pouring.

Keep clean, get a spare bowl and put all your trimmings in and take them to the bin in one go!

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