Made by Thule Ventus
Made in Shetland, UK

Shetland Air-Dried Salt Cod 50g

50 grams

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Free shipping on all orders.

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Each pack contains cuts of the finest skinned and boned cod fillet. This makes it the perfect choice for experimenting or for a small number of fishcakes.Traditional taste, modern convenience.

The freshest fish, from the cleanest sea. Caught by family-owned Shetland and Scottish fishing boats in UK waters from sustainable stocks of cod. Landed in Shetland following short trips to sea and hand filleted and lovingly salted and dried.

High protein
Locally sourced

Made with

Air dried cod, salt

Allergy Information

Contains fish

Storage / use by instructions

Store at ambient room temperature, in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight. May also be refrigerated/frozen.

Serving Recommendation

Immerse in cool water. Refresh the water at least three times over a 24-hour period or per recipe instructions. The rehydrated fish is now ready to cook.

Returns policy

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Thule Ventus

  • Sustainable
  • Traditional
  • Ethically Produced

Sustainable Shetland Salt Cured Cod

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