Spicy Salmon Salad

Spicy Salmon Salad
I love this salad as the kecap manis is the most simple addition to give it bags of flavour. You could replace the salmon with cooked chicken or tofu and it would be equally delicious!
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Spicy Salmon Salad


150g tenderstem broccoli

½ red pepper

2 spring onions

50g kale

1tsp oil

2tbsp Sauceman Spicy Kecap Manis - £4.95

125g Chesil Smokery Hot Smoked Salmon - £13.50

How to make

  1. Chop the tenderstem, and half the pepper into bite size pieces.

  2. Finely slice spring onions.

  3. Heat a small work and add 1 tsp oil (rapeseed or olive pomace)

  4. Add the tenderstem and pepper to the pan and cook for 2 min.

  5. Add 2 tbsp kecap manis and the spring onions and kale.

  6. Cook for further 2 min.

  7. Flake off 125g of hot smoked salmon and mix with the vegetables and serve

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Products used in this recipe

Spicy Kecap Manis

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Hot Smoked Salmon

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