Jason Blyth and Justin Robinson
Jason Blyth and Justin Robinson

The Tea Leaf Company

Brighton, UK
Trading Since 2016
  • Loose Leaf
  • Tea
  • Premium

Finest quality, single estate, hand rolled tea, sold at a fair price.

The Tea Leaf Company is a Brighton based business started by two tea obsessed friends, Justin and Jason. Their love of tea took them half way round the world to Nagaland in North East India. A partnership was forged with Lanu and his family's tea garden (right next door to Assam). They grow tea using the old traditional methods, so no nasty chemicals in the ground. The tea is hand picked and the leaves are rolled with a love and care that is also reflected in the way they treat their workers.

Single Estate & Hand Rolled | What Goes into Bringing You a Better Brew

You’d be forgiven for thinking single estate applies only to whiskey and that hand-rolling is a pastime of tobacco-loving sailors. But to the tea connoisseur, they can mean the difference between a bog standard cuppa and a transcendent tea experience. Unlike your average supermarket shelf variety, which blends leaves from various estates, single estate teas allow for the subtleties of varietal, seasonal and regional flavour – an absolute must as far as we’re concerned. And it’s the process of rolling tea leaves that captures all the essential oils that go into creating that unmistakable aroma and taste. So it should come as no surprise that leaves which are hand-rolled – as opposed to machine-rolled – produce the most delicate and superior flavour. Hand-rolling is a painstaking and time consuming task that requires patience, craftsmanship and a tender touch – and we just won’t settle for anything less.