Made in Sussex, UK

Children's Butter Making Set

320 grams

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Simple fun cooking for kids!

The Children's Farmhouse Butter Making Set contains everything needed for children to make up to 6 flavours of traditional farmhouse butter. Made the 'old fashioned' way children will experience the magic of turning cream into butter, and will be able to shape their butter using their traditional hard-carved wooden butter mould. Safe and easy for children to use on their own this is the perfect set to help children explore how butter is made and foster a love of the kitchen.

Create 6 different types of butter!

Salted, Marmite, Herby, Lemon Pepper, Lemony, Salt & Pepper

Gluten free

Made with

Butter Making Guide, butter muslin, wooden butter spreader, hand carved wooden butter mould, fine flaky sea salt, lemon pepper (10g), dried chives (5g)

Allergy Information

Suitable for vegetarians. Gluten free.

Storage / use by instructions

Store in a cool, dark place.

Serving Recommendation

Suitable cream types to use: Extra Thick Double Cream (cows, sheep or goat’s cream). *Always follow recipe instructions when selecting cream

Returns policy

Full refund if returned in condition supplied and within 30 days of purchase


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