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London, UK
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teatime brings you gourmet whole-bud and whole-leaf tea.

It’s not coffee that keeps you going – it’s a cup of tea that fits into each stage of the day, from breakfast to bedtime. Whilst most teas are about zen and slowing down your hectic life, the lovely folks at teatime are here to encourage and support you through your busy day. We don’t want to change you or your current lifestyle – we simply fit into your life, into your time off, your home and your luggage. Bringing you whole leaf and bud infusions that are perfume-free, chemical-free and trace to zero caffeine, teatime blends are a natural and healthy way to keep going.

We have several blends with us to choose from: Lemmune Superboost, Revitazest, Tummy Tonic and Jasmine Pearl Zen. Come and discover them for yourself!

Our recipes

Iced berry Tummy Tonic
Lemmune Caipirinha
Revitazest Twist