Made in West Yorkshire, UK

Organic Instant Hot Chocolate with Coconut Milk

200 grams

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Our organic, dairy-free Instant hot chocolate is totally unique and lactose free!

We've combined three fabulous ingredients to create a wonderfully frothy hot chocolate drink – our ethically-sourced raw cacao powder, coconut milk powder which is spray dried and retains the same nutrient content as raw coconut, and raw crystallised coconut nectar which is unrefined, unfiltered, unbleached and contains no additives or preservatives.

We use only the very best Criolla cacao from the beautiful rainforests of Peru where it is farmed without agrochemicals by small farmers working in a co-operative which supports the local economy. The Criolla bean represents only 5% of the world's cacao production and is very high quality, aromatic and lacking in bitterness. The beans are minimally processed at low temperatures to preserve these natural characteristics.

The coconut milk powder we use is lactose free. This may sound obvious, but surprisingly sodium caseinate is used during the drying process of most dried coconut milks on the market – a substance which is derived from cow's milk and therefore contains lactose.

Our Instant Hot Chocolate brings you the convenience of an instant drink which you can take, and make, anywhere. Full of natural goodness and free from dairy and refined cane sugar, it's a guilt-free treat. We hope you like it as much as we do – it really is a 'hug in a mug'!

Gluten free
Dairy free
No Refined Sugar

Made with

Organic/vegan coconut milk powder, organic raw cacao powder, organic raw crystallised coconut nectar

Allergy Information

Contains no known allergens

Storage / use by instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.

Returns policy

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