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Danielle Copperman


London, UK
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Qnola is a range of nutritionally enhanced breakfast products made from highly nutritious, 100% natural ingredients.

The idea behind Qnola was to develop a truly healthy alternative to commercial cereals, which are often highly processed and high in sugar, gluten, additives and preservatives.

Qnola is naturally higher in protein than most oat based granola's and is lower in (only natural) sugars than any other granola on the UK market.

In Qnola products, we replace oats with naturally gluten free organic quinoa, refined sugar with organic coconut palm sugar, hydrogenated fats and harmful oils with organic coconut oil, refined salt with Himalayan pink salt and artificial flavourings and colourings with pure, raw, organic superfood powders. What we put into our products is even more important to us than what we leave out of them.

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Weekend Well Retreat

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