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Find the perfect menu

From private dining to chocolate making, find what works for you.

They come to you

Pick a venue that works and your host will come to you.

Have fun

Your host will take care of the cooking, which gives you more time to enjoy yourself.

How do I find a host?

We work with an array of hosts across the UK who would love to host your party. Simply click on ‘Find a host’ and you will find a list of hosts who do private parties. Click on any that take your fancy, read their description and if you’re interested hit ‘Enquire now’.

What is private dining?

Private dining is a great way to celebrate any special occasion or event.
Private dining typically happens in a private venue that you or your host has arranged. It gives you the freedom to do things your way, by working closely with your host you'll create an evening your guests will love.

What sort of events suit private dining?

Private dining is perfect for any event that you want to feel extra special. From baby showers to corporate events are hosts will be able to help you design the perfect experience.

How much does private dining cost?

All prices are dependent on what it is you’re looking for. Most of our hosts have minimum spends starting from £200 or £30 per person. If you’re host is also helping with a venue, you’ll find that the cost will go up but that is something that you’re host will be able to pre warn you about.

Do I need to organise the venue?

In most cases, yes. A few of our hosts have venues that they have worked in previously and will be able to help you find something that works for your party.