Susan & Juliette Gafsen

Pep & Lekker

Trading Since 2016
  • Natural
  • Protein
  • Vegan

Pure natural vegan soup, a nutritious and satisfying meal

I came up with the idea of my product when struggling to find nutritious food for my vegan son. Every shopping trip became a chore to inspect labels and much of what I bought was full of additives. I also wanted food that could be enjoyed by the whole family as I found that serving my son different food to everyone else was quite alienating. This is why I worked with chefs and nutritionalists for almost 2 years to get a taste that could be loved by anyone that cared about healthy good food.

Since working on the business I have changed my eating habits and although am not yet vegan, I am dairy and gluten free, have significantly reduced my intake of sugar, have lost weight and have loads more energy. Benefits I could never have anticipated when I first started on this journey.