Meetal Patel & John Leiper
Meetal Patel & John Leiper

Pearly Queen

London, UK
Trading Since 2015
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Pearly Queen - Bees, Beer, and Us

Pearly Queen is a collective of urban beekeepers whose ambition is to keep and protect bees while helping to educate the public about these wonderful creatures. We originally started keeping bees in 2010, and things have been expanding ever since! Now committed to the bee cause, we provide unique, complex and delicious London honey - local to each specific hive. Each one tastes different, and it's all raw with no blending or treatment - just as the bees intended.

Our award nominated craft beer, Pearly Queen 'Honey Pale Ale', combines our passion for bees with our love of beer. Using our London honey, it can truly be described as "London in a bottle".