Made in Urbania, Italy

Vellutata – Truffle and Parmesan Cheese Sauce

90 grams

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Vellutata sauce is an all-natural, delicate sauce based on white spring truffles, potatoes, fresh cream and Parmesan cheese. The mix is surprising and extraordinarily tasty. This truffle-based delicacy is the result of a homemade traditional recipe. It contains carefully selected fresh in season truffles plus the above mentioned high quality local ingredients: obviously the truffle is what makes the sauce a delight.

No preservatives, no added artificial flavourings, 100% natural.

Made with

Italian white spring truffles (10%), potatoes, Parmesan cheese, cream, butter, salt

Allergy Information

Contains milk

Storage / use by instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.

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A company based in Italy and London supplying artisanal, eco-friendly and organic Italian fine food.

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