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Italian Truffle Trio: Truffle Honey, Truffle Salt & Truffle Sauce


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Three of our best delicacies for the ultimate truffle experience.

Truffle honey 120g: Golden acacia honey blended with Italian spring white truffle. It can be included on a cheese plate, it works particularly well with blue cheese, ricotta and Parmesan Cheese. It can also be used to marinate or glaze chicken and makes a unique dessert if drizzled over vanilla ice cream or oatmeal and granola.

Truffle salt 100g: An aromatic combination of sea salt and Italian black summer truffles. Sprinkle the salt over meat, soups, vegetables, eggs, or even popcorn to add the unique flavour of truffle to any dish.

Tartufata – truffle & mushrooms sauce 90g: Tartufata sauce is a delicious blend of chopped truffles, porcini and champignons mushrooms, black olives, anchovies and extra virgin olive oil. Extremely versatile and ready to use, Tartufata makes a lovely topping for crostini, an outstanding dressing for pasta or rice, goes very well with meat, scrambled eggs or omelettes and it is just perfect with roasted or mashed potatoes.

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