Made by Orkney Buffalo
Made in Orkney, UK

Buffalo Meat Selection

Please allow 1-7 working days for delivery

A selection of some of our favourite buffalo cuts and products.


1lb of lovely, lean best braising steak
1lb of our super tasty shin
4 hand-pressed, allergen-free buffalo burgers.

Made with

Orkney Buffalo Burgers: Buffalo steak mince, pulsetta breadcrumbs (milled pulses (peas, lentils), maize flour, corn flour, tapioca flour, rapeseed oil, yeast, xanthan gum, salt), red onion, flat leaf parsley, olive oil, sea salt, pepper.
Shin: Orkney buffalo.
Braising steak: Orkney buffalo.

Allergy Information

Contains no known allergens

Storage / use by instructions

Keep refrigerated or frozen

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Please see Tabl's return policy


Orkney Buffalo

  • Meat
  • Family-run
  • Healthy

Family farm in beautiful Orkney producing tasty, tender and distinctive meat.

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Buffalo Steak Selection

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As seen in

Melt-in-the-Mouth Buffalo Shin Stew

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