Naomi Bremner
Naomi Bremner

Orkney Buffalo

Orkney, UK
Trading Since 2013
  • Family-run
  • Healthy
  • Meat

Family farm in beautiful Orkney producing tasty, tender and distinctive meat.

A long time in the planning we started farming water buffalo on our new small family farm in Orkney in 2013. It's a whole family affair with Russell, Naomi and our three children.

Buffalo are slow-growing, finishing at 28-32 months. A very healthy meat is produced, which is lower in cholesterol and higher in mineral content than conventional beef. The meat tastes a little richer and sweeter than conventional beef. Buffalo are very docile and easy to handle – and our buffalo are no exception, they have just one speed when we are moving them around the farm – SLOW!

Our products

Buffalo Meat Selection

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Buffalo Steak Selection

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Our recipes

Orkney Buffalo Sirloin Steak – Cooked to Perfection
Melt-in-the-Mouth Buffalo Shin Stew
Buffalo Steak BBQ Fajitas