Akio Tanaka
Akio Tanaka


Kyoto, Japan
Trading Since 2015
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Purveyors of Artisanal Matcha Green Tea

Matchaeologist® (抹茶オロジスト), purveyors of artisanal matcha green tea, develop superlative ranges of ceremonial-grade matcha at the highest end of the quality spectrum. Our approach is to introduce a modern perspective to the ancient tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony while providing ongoing education on the joys to be found in the daily drinking of this remarkable beverage — the #MatchaRitual.

Alongside our range of matcha, we proudly present a carefully selected assortment of teaware products curated and designed through collaborative partnerships with fine craftsmen across Japan. Every one of our offerings is individually handmade for its unique character, and each aspect of our suite of products has been carefully designed to balance minimalist aesthetics with contemporary functionality, ensuring an optimal matcha-making experience for the modern lifestyle.

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