Made in London, UK

Sashimi-Grade Cold Smoked Scottish Salmon (Whole Side)

1.1 kg

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We're only small, and we're modest in our approach, but we're confident in saying this is the freshest and very best smoked salmon available. We take premium, highest welfare salmon from cool Scottish waters. Just a few hours after harvesting we hand craft every element of its production from curing in our own blend of juniper salt through to its slow cold smoking, gently over beech, oak and heather. Lean, high in protein and omega 3’s. Tasting Notes - Under-cured and gently smoked so it's as close to sashimi salmon as you can get. Clean, elegant, unsalty and with a firm texture. Sliced thick for a better taste experience. Available in 100g and 200g packs, and half and whole sides.

High protein

Made with

Salmon, salt, sugar, juniper, smoke from oak, beech and heather

Allergy Information

Contains fish

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London Smoke and Cure

  • Fresh
  • Sustainable
  • Salmon

An innovative little smokehouse out to change your perception of how good food can get.

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